Welcome to Koukla's Kouzina!


Welcome family and friends to Koukla’s Kouzina! I started this website as a means to organize all of my recipes (Greek and non-Greek). Over the years I’ve collected cookbooks, family recipes and have cut out many recipes from magazines and newspapers. All the recipes on this site have been tried by me.  My goal is to start taking pictures of all of the dishes I cook…sorry that many don’t have photographs yet!

I would like to thank everyone who has given me recipes and in some cases even took the time to teach me how to make a particular dish or pastry!

I hope that you find a dish that inspires you to cook something different!

Kalí Órexi, fíli mou!
Bon Appétit my friends!

About Me

I’m a married mother of 2 wonderful girls.  I work full time as a purchasing manager in the automotive industry.  My best times are spent with my daughters cooking.  My parents were born and raised in Greece.  My father was from Kyparissia and my mother was from Kalamata. I grew up eating Greek food daily.  We rarely ate at restaurants.  I enjoy sweets, especially anything with Nutella. 

I want to document what I cook and how I alter each recipe that I make.  There have been too many times that the dish that I’m making doesn’t taste “exactly” the way it did the last time I made it.  With so many things on my mind all the time - my memory for the details occasionally gets lost!  By putting it in writing I’m hoping to be able to perfect each meal and make it easily repeatable.

My parents were phenomenal cooks.  They cooked with love.  I always wondered how the same dish can taste completely different when cooked by different people.  What I’ve learned is that food tastes best when the cook is cooking with all of their heart.